nhaler Metered Dose Inhalers

WHY MDI? (Metered Dose Inhalers)

What about being confident that you’re actually going to get more every time you’re looking for relief? Isn’t that better, too? We believe it is, which is why we use Metered Dose Inhalers, or MDI, for our products.

When taking any kind of supplement, the faster that the highest amount of the active ingredients can get into the bloodstream and start doing their job, the better.

Congratulations! Now you know what bioavailability is!

nhaler products are 98% bioavailable, making them one of the most effective ways to get their active ingredients into the body. When these active ingredients are introduced into the lungs, the deep lung tissue absorbs them and gets them immediately into the bloodstream.

No digestion or liver processing necessary, but we’ll get to that.



nhaler delivers cannabinoids almost instantly into the blood stream, allowing fast, reliable relief. 


nhaler uses only pharmaceutical grade proprietary cannabinoid blends
(tested at 99.9% pure).


nhalers are 98% bioavailable…making them the most cost-effective CBD delivery system.

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