Resonance CBD Coffee

When You Discover Something Amazing, Keep It To Yourself.  That’s How The Saying Goes, Right?

Kidding. Like our sense of humor, this stuff is too good not to share.

Merging two powerful plants, our hemp cannabinoids + coffee blends are designed to reinstate your natural rhythm with every sip (wise up here).

We weren’t looking for an ‘out of body’ high (although there’s definitely a time and place for that). This is for those who cherish their morning cup… or ten… and want to cut out the crazies, aka the jitters. So we leveraged the power of hemp cannabinoids to give you a daily tune-up. And no, we’re not just stopping with CBD, because there are a plethora of other cannabinoids that deliver a multitude of other benefits and they deserve some love too, damnit!

To us, coffee and cannabinoids are a lot like a good song, which is partly where the name resonance came from. When a song, a roast or a cannabinoid hits just right, it penetrates your body instantly to alter your mood and sets you back on track.

We recreated that feeling in a cup by partnering with Local Coffee Roasters, who bring a level of badass coffee connoisseurism (it’s a word) that does our hemp cannabinoids justice.

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